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The centre is catered by Wholesome Kids Catering. The menus are developed and approved by of a Registered Dietitian and a third party Registered Pediatric Dietitian. Each meal is planned to meet the children’s specific nutritional requirements. The menus are also designed to appeal the children’s palate while being healthy, delicious and with ample variety of items. Wholesome Foods provides substitutes for children with allergies or sensitivities upon request, please speak with the Supervisor if your child requires meal substitutes.

Caledon East Children’s Place is a PEANUT FREE/NUT-FREE facility. No food from home is allowed to be brought into to the centre at any time (exception to Before and After School program ONLY). The centre does routine checks of all the children’s bags and will discard any food item found regardless if the product is open or closed. This measure will prevent any children from accidentally consuming any food products that they may be allergic to. Safety is our main priority at all times, therefore we request that families adhere to this policy.

If your Child attends the Before and After School Program, parents/guardians must provide lunch for their child on PA days, Snow Days, March Break, and all other school holidays that your child attends daycare FULL DAY.  The Daycare will continue to provide morning and afternoon snack and will be posted on our menu.  Parents/guardians must adhere to the allergy policy and ensure packed lunches are free from these allergen as there are children in the center with life threatening allergies.  THIS IS THE ONLY EXCEPTION FOR FOOD FROM HOME TO BE BROUGHT TO THE DAYCARE.   

* Click on Wholesome Kids Catering to go to their website

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